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Who we Are

Arunachala Group is involved in wholesale & retail trading of mild steel products and
building materials like Cement, EcoSand , Cement boards & roofing sheets. We have
positioned ourselves to give the best service to our customers at competitive prices.

understand that in this era of unthinkably tough competition, the only way
to stand out from the rest is to be the most reliable vendor in the market.

So we have kept a
single work motto to our staff and management: “Reliability”

Reliability is what every customer wants – be it pricing, trust, service, timely delivery, proper information etc.

The company is still adhering to the principles of Thiru. R.K. Shanmugasundaram, our founder, who says always:
“If somebody walks away for pricing issues, he should definitely be a new customer – because
our existing customers could never do that – as we give much more than just the price”.


We deal with only genuine products – from the brands which we trust.



Our Brands